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Hi welcome to the first blog post! We’re going to be sharing some of our progress with creating this documentary and some of what goes into it on a daily basis! Hope u tune in & enjoy :~)

This past month or so we’re taking some pretty important steps in taking our film to the next level - which is unfortunately very vague but it’s bad luck I’m sure to say too much more than that!

One thing I can definitely safely mention is that this week started for us we met with a really cool band, Dead Feathers, to discuss a collaboration. One of the things we (me, Haley, and Andrew) started off with wanting to do when we first began this project was to create a platform for other artists/creative people/freaks like us, in addition to the more prescient topic of love and relationships. Maybe this seems like somewhat of a stretch or unrelated, but I think the important link here is that we want to depict variety experiences and expressions of those experiences as well. Love and Relationships can be really foundational to art.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 6.03.40 PM.png

Also in general it’s fun to talk to other creative people, especially when our mediums might seem pretty different! Something that was interesting was our shared interest in the late 60s and early 70s as a pretty significant period for both music and film, where the artist may have had more power than the business/producer end of things. Being both an independently produced band and us a film something we discussed is our desire for an artists’ utopia. Some of creating I think is about imagining a utopia of some kind.

Hope u guys are having a good time this season. Something I’m interested to discuss here is some of our thoughts on appreciating this season without the baggage that comes up around the holidays as they’re typically celebrated - money, family, religion, etc. etc. It’s something we’re discussing! What do you enjoy about seasonal change, especially as we’re in the colder, darker months? Comment with your thoughts!