Love Box’s Directors

Andrew Arcos and Haley Green have been working together since the first inkling of Love Box in 2017. While they have been working together every step of the way, each brings something different to the documentary.

andrew bio.jpg

Andrew Arcos

Andrew Arcos is a 26 year old screenwriter and filmmaker who has lived across the city of Chicago. By the time they began their education at DePaul University they earned their first writing credit on a web-series titled Swassman, created for Funny or Die. Through school they worked on numerous shorts, and television pitch bibles until being brought onto the feature film Noise and Color as the head writer, a film that has been produced and is now in negotiations for distribution.

Their abilities reside in the art of collaboration, channeling an artist’s emotional insights into tangible narrative work. Their personal work is grounded in the supernatural, in archival documentary efforts, and otherworldly touches.

In their most recent effort, Love Box, they have embarked on the journey of co-directing a feature documentary with Haley Green told entirely within miniature sets. Together they have filmed over 25 interviews and performances on romantic experience, and are in the production stage of not only hand-crafting miniature worlds, but compositing the interviews and performances within them.

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Haley Green

Haley Green is a 26 year old writer and filmmaker born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and based now in Chicago. Raised with one parent as a trained artist and the other a writer, she grew up with a proclivity for both visual art and writing. She went on to earn a BA in film studies at DePaul University, where she handled art direction and wrote a number of webseries and short films, such as MacGuffin State and Lockbox. She has since also been published in local publications N/A Literary Magazine and Hooligan Magazine as well. She has frequently explored themes of isolation, the occult, femininity, insanity, and sexuality in her work; these themes delve into her experiences as a queer woman living with mental illness.  

Green has worked in both Chicago and LA in art and film-based institutions before starting work as co-director with Andrew Arcos on Love Box in 2018. Having met in DePaul’s screenwriting program, the two shared an interest in documentary, animation, kitsch, and horror, and their ideas found a home in Love Box. There she exercised her enthusiasm for fantastical set design and construction in the dioramas, as well as world building and storytelling. Love Box came out of a desire to have a more open discussion on issues relating to romantic love, from Green’s perspective as a member of the LGBTQIIA+ community, and on a much smaller, personal level, as a romantic partner to a person who is also her creative partner. In some ways, though neither Green nor Arcos are featured in the documentary, Love Box is a demonstration of their love of each other as well as the craft of filmmaking.